AIG Aerospace Insurance Services, Inc


In our continuing effort to make our customer’s salvage buying experience more effective and user friendly, we’ve addressed a few frequently asked questions of our handling adjusters and corresponding answers below:


Can anyone bid? Do I have to register?


Our salvage sales are open to the general public. There is no registration required. Simply choose the “submit bid online” icon, fill it out information completely, and you are good to go! You will receive an email confirming your submission was received.


What do you think N___ will go for?


Unfortunately, due to the many differing characteristics of each piece of salvage, type of damage, engine/airframe times etc. it is impossible for us to predict what a piece of salvage will sell for.


How will I know if I win?


High bidders are notified of the sale within 1-2 business days after the close of the bid via email notification.


Who was the high bidder for N___?


If you did not win the bid, you are not notified. However, with the permission of the high bidder, we can put you in touch with that entity or person.


Do you have any more photos?


In most cases, additional photos are available from the handling adjuster. The adjuster’s contact information is on the bid sheet for each aircraft.


Is N____ airworthy?


Unfortunately, we cannot make a determination as to whether a piece of salvage is in airworthy condition.


How come I cannot access the bid sheet from by particular browser?


Our application is best used with Internet Explorer and we recommend IE 6.0 and later.


How much is storage for N______?


If you are curious about the cost of storage, please contact the handling adjuster, preferably via email, who can then advise how much the current storage expense is.


Are the logbooks for N______ available for inspection? If so, where can they be inspected?


The logbooks are available for inspection. The logbooks are retained at the office of the handling claims adjuster. Should you wish to inspect, or need additional information from the logbooks, please contact the handling adjuster.

Can I attempt to start the engine/radios/master switch/etc. upon my inspection of N_____?


We encourage personal inspection of the salvage prior to you submitting a bid; however no destructive testing or disassembly will be permitted. Furthermore, for your safety, no operational testing will be permitted.


Thank you for your interest in our salvage,