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  Aircraft Listing
Listing No: 2591  
  Aircraft Details
Claim No: 6292137875US  
FAA Number: N5891F   Airframe TT: 4771.7
Aircraft: 1967 Cessna 210   Serial No.: 21058891
  Propeller 1 Information
Make: McCauley   Model: D3A32C88-M/S-82NC-2
Total Time: 716.3   SPOH: UNK
  Propeller 2 Information
Make:   Model:
Total Time:   SPOH:
  Engine 1 Information
Name: Continental IO-520-A   Serial #: 112354R
Total Time: 2410.8~   SMOH: 691~
  Engine 2 Information
Name:   Serial #:
Total Time:   SMOH:
  Bid Closing Date
Closing Date: 3/15/2018  
  Aircraft Location
Location: AMF Aviation   Contact at Location: Front desk
Phone Number: 931-980-1215   Fax Number:
Street:   City: Springfield
State/Region: Tennessee   Zip:
Country: USA   Contact Email: contactus@amfaviation.com
 Inquiries Adjustor Contact
Contact Nicolas Pardon   Phone Number: 2133049143
Email Address: Nicolas.Pardon@AIG.com      
Engines Comments: Unknown condition.
Equipment Comments: See photos.
Description of Accident: The aircraft was located under a hangar when a tornado caused it to collapse.
Description of Damage: See photos.
LogBooks Comment: Logbook entry indicating the airplane was a total loss was made all pertinent logs (airframe/engine/propeller) Log books avaliable for inspection in Los Angeles, last log entry 02/15/16.
Remarks: Inspection of the salvage is highly recommended. Inquiries about the condition of the salvage should be directed to the Adjuster Contact noted above or schedule an appointment with the storage facility to view it. Aircraft has been disassembled. The bid winner will be notified by email 2-3 days after the bid closes.
By submitting this bid, the bidder agrees to the Policy/Agreement outlined below. Upon submitting a bid you will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided in your bid. If you are the successful high bidder, you will be notified by email at the email address you have provided.

You are advised that the described aircraft is for sale "AS IS/WHERE IS" and written, submitted bids will be accepted no later than 4:30 p.m.(EST), 3/15/2018. Winning bidder will be notified immediately and agrees to provide wire transfer or money order. Salvage will not be released until receipt of your wire transfer or money order. All storage and handling charges accrued after 3/29/2018 12:00:00 AM will be the responsibility of the buyer.

  • All photos and the bid form, including description(s) contained therein, are the property of AIG. THE USE OF THESE DOCUMENTS IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED.
  • By submitting a bid, buyer acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the aircraft salvage before the date of this bid.
  • Please note, the salvage/ wreckage storage facilities are NOT part of AIG Aerospace. AIG Aerospace DOES NOT maintain any control over the facility, it’s ownership, operating hours or schedule conflicts. All arrangements should be planned in advance with the storage facility contact as soon as possible to ensure a timely and orderly transfer of property.
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